We are a small family run business, based in London. We have been trading informally for over 10 years, selling at Christmas and school fairs, and to family, friends and clients made along the way.

This has not been a straightforward process, as it has meant a lot of research, attending online workshops and spending our fair share of time on Instagram and other fashion websites! We created our Instagram account in October 2020 and a few months later the page you see today. 

What has been one of the best things about this project, is that the end result is the outcome of different women supporting and encouraging each other... from the two of us, a mother and daughter team, to our Instagram adviser; a very knowledgeable lady, who recommended our lovely web developer and through whom we met another jewellery store owner, whom in turn introduced us to the very skillful photographer who made this page so visually beautiful.  All women who love what they do and work very hard to accomplish their goals and dreams! 

And last but not least, we rebranded our little enterprise and decided to call it Peppermint Lola. Peppermint because we love the freshness of peppermint and its beautiful colour, and more importantly Lola, as homage to our beloved grandmother/great grandmother, whom we lost a year ago at the age of 93.

We hope you like our page and that we can continue to bring you the most fabulous accessories from around the world.

With love,

Emily & Monica